Hifdh Madrasa

As a parent, when you choose The Bay, you are more than a parent who drops the child to the gate and then picks them up once school is over. You are a stakeholder who contributes to the larger school community and participates in innumerable activities.

Our school has thrived on what every parent brings to the institution. This has enriched and added value to the teaching and learning process. From volunteering with their time and creativity, to offering campus development solutions, possible field trip venues, to hands-on involvement in strategic issues, parents have defined the extent to which they want to be part of the journey. The school sees parents as a wonderful resource who contribute to the ethos and culture of the school.

Hifdh Madarsa
Hifdh Madrasah
Muslim Madrasa
Muslim Madarsa

Over time, the school has seen the commitment of parents in helping out with running of the School Masjid, weekend sports for the teachers & students , Eid & Taraweeh salah arrangements, Annual sports day activities & much more.