Arabic Madrasah

We are committed to offering students an opportunity to develop through an engaging, integrated, and challenging curriculum. Students are inspired to achieve excellence as they engage in exciting academic, sporting, and Extra curricular programs that are rigorous and challenging.

We follow the world-renowned IGCSE curriculum format of Cambridge University, UK. To encourage critical thinking and creativity we ensure that the school environment facilitates experimental learning.


Our children, right from nursery onwards are trained in cognitive, communication and memorization skills. They are encouraged to participate in Interactive learning processes and pursue varied research activities.

Apart from the formal subjects namely English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography our students excel in Business Studies, ICT, Public Speaking and multiple languages from an early age.

Approximately 20 students per class and a teacher to student ratio of about 1:5 facilitates better student-teacher rapport and individual attention to students. This brings out the best learning potential in each student. Our team embraces the belief that the curriculum must be alive and constantly evolving.

Our focus on a balanced curriculum ensures holistic development of the child.

Faith based studies

The Bay International School & Junior College has an excellent Islamic studies and Arabic program.

Our students learn the Arabic language, memorize The Holy Qur’an, deliberate on Hadith, have an impeccable Tajweed, get to analyze Tafseer and consolidate their Aqeedah based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Children are trained by qualified and well versed teachers based exclusively on the in-depth teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

At The Bay, we don't just impart knowledge, we raise our children to be flag-bearers of wisdom, equality, respect and humility.

Hifz School


We understand and value the impact, sports and physical activities has on the health and mental well-being of a child.

Strategically located on the East Coast Road, at Injambakkam, the Bay International School & Junior College offers generous outdoor space and a refreshing change from the polluted environment of the inner city.

Our outdoor activities include football, volleyball, badminton, skating, throwball etc. We also have indoor facilities for table tennis and basketball. Our students are trained in martial arts and swimming too, from an early age with separate timings for girls and boys.

Hifz Madrasa